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Size: - W: 100cm - D: 45cm - H: 50cm Front & Top opening.

This Advances Enclosure Kit is ideal for adult Bearded Dragons.

These Friendley, quirky and personable lizards make great pets. Bearded Dragon are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a pet with a difference. They're more than happy to be handled and seem to relish interaction with their keepers, making them a charming and fascinasting pet for any home. Everybody loves Bearded Dragons.


Kit includes:

  • Terrarium
  • Set up guide


  • Heat mat
  • Thermometer x2
  • Deep dome
  • Reflector
  • UVB tube
  • Spot bulb
  • Starter Ballast
  • Thermostat


  • Habitat bark
  • Coconut terrain
  • Hanging vine x2


  • Rock bowl
  • Premium livefood booster

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