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Size: - W: 60cm - D: 30cm - H: 45cm Front & top opening.

Leopard Gecko's are a favorite choice for anyone looking to develop their knowledge in lizards keeping and are tha most popular of all pet reptiles. They're small, easy to handle and simple to care for; the ideal modern pet. With minimal maintenance, they are ideal for a novice keeper and with regular, gentle handling can become a wonderfully rewarding pet for any home. This Advances Kit contains everything for Leopard Geckos from hatchling to adulthood.

Kit includes:

  • Terrarium
  • Set up guide


  • Heat mat
  • Thermometer x2
  • Lighting dome
  • Spot bulb
  • Thermostat


  • Habitat bark
  • Habitat moss
  • Coconut terrain


  • Kidney dish
  • Premium livefood booster
  • Nutri-cal

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